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ENSI is an international network which has supported educational developments, environmental understanding, active approaches to teaching and learning, through research and the exchange of experiences internationally since 1986.

The Association aims at supporting educational and pedagogical developments that, via research and international exchange of experiences, promote insight into learning for sustainable development, environmental studies, active forms of learning and teaching, as well as education for citizenship.

  • ENSI is and experienced and recognized network on education for sustainable development.
  • ENSI is an international government based network that places emphasis on school development in the field of Education for Sustainable Development.
  • ENSI´s strength lies in the combined work of policy makers, researchers, teacher educators and their student and pilot schools with teachers and students.
  • Working in this context ENSI prepares case studies on teacher education, carries out research on these with cross analysis studies, and develops trends and guidelines for future-orientated teacher education.
  • ENSI also organises case studies on school development in the field of ESD, and develops guidelines and a set of quality criteria by cross analysing these studies.
  • ENSI influences policy decisions at the international level by combining international processes of quality development and quality improvement at international conferences, and formulating guidelines and criteria such as the UNECE process on ESD.
  • ENSI supports schools by helping them in their own development, and promotes international exchange by influencing networks across Europe and other regions of the world.
  • ENSI organises and affects the exchange of expertise in the field of research education on sustainable development by offering a platform for senior experts, as well as for young innovative researchers.

For more information see www.ensi.org

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