Teaching and Learning abroad

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education (BMB) organises a diverse multitude of mobility programmes which offer both Austrian teachers and students the opportunity to gain international experience.

Around 185 teachers in total are currently deployed at Austrian schools abroad, including European schools and other international projects.

The BMB’s Foreign School Department (Dept. II/3) is also in charge of short-term stays and educational exchange projects abroad which can be applied for on an annual basis (in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Slovenia, as well as internship placements in France and Spain).

Austrian Schools Abroad

The BMB manages 8 schools abroad with locations in Albania, Guatemala, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Hungary (2x), the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Austrian teachers have the opportunity to work for several years abroad on international assignments and at the same time are still anchored in the Austrian education system.

Austrian schools abroad offer educators the possibility to combine both familiar and new proficiencies, learn more about foreign cultures and to simultaneously re-assess their approach to teaching by adapting to local conditions. After their return to Austria, they not only enrich their own teaching, but also contribute in many ways to the internationality  of their school.

About 135 Austrian teachers are currently teaching at Austrian schools abroad, mainly to students of the host country. These Austrian teachers teach their subjects in the German language, whereas the local teachers teach in the local language.

European schools

In the European Schools (EU institutions), Austrian teachers become acquainted with a new educational system and teach their subject in German in accordance with a special curriculum designed for students whose parents are usually employees of the European Union. European schools are multicultural schools both in terms of students and the teaching staff. Austrian teachers usually stay at these schools for up to 9 years, together with colleagues from almost all EU countries who also teach in their own particular national languages.

Other Foreign Schools

Austria sends teachers to schools of the UNITED WORLD COLLEGE programme. At these schools they teach their subjects in English language and prepare the students for the International Baccalaureate.

The BMB places teachers in a Romanian vocational school project.  Some Austrian teachers work at bilingual schools in the neighbouring countries of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. German is the language of instruction in the latter cases

Experts for Educational Cooperation

Experts on educational cooperation are sent to five East and South-East European countries which, together with on-site partners, develop educational projects in the region. Educational cooperation is a particularly exciting and interesting area of activity for anyone interested in taking on management responsibilities and implementing educational projects.

Foreign Language Assistants - Programme

"Foreign language assistants" are generally students or graduates of universities and colleges who, through their native language skills and cultural competences, provide assistance in foreign language teaching, mainly in secondary schools. Their particular task is helping both students and their foreign language teachers in class and encouraging students to become interested in the culture and the language of their country. Foreign language assistants are usually paid in the host country.  In Austria they receive full-employment contracts including health and social security coverage. The total amount of teaching per week comprises 13 contact hours.

Outgoing: in Austria about 400 applications are received each year, of which approximately 220 can be placed in 10 countries. The BMB Service Centre for Mobility Programmes, together with the related institutions in the host country, is in charge of the operational management of the Outgoing programme.

The BMB (Dept. III/3) is responsible for managing the incoming part of the programme and is in charge of the whole programme in Austria. Approximately 420 language assistants from 11 different countries are provided to Austrian institutions each year.

Short stays abroad

The BMB additionally offers teachers the possibility of a short term in-service placement in different European countries. These programmes, which can last between 2 to 4 weeks, offer educators the opportunity to actively experience the language and culture of a country on the spot in a classroom environment.

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